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Vacant Staging

90% of buyers cannot visualize the size of a vacant room. Good staging isn’t cheap and cheap staging isn’t good. We begin by review home highlight and offer staging services that range from partial staging to full house staging and are able to customize any project to suit your individual needs and budget.

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Staging Consultation

We are trying to add value to any real estate investment. We are sitting down with you to have better understanding your concern. Our professional consultation service will help you determine what to keep and what to remove and provide you with some solutions for your space.

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Occupied Staging

Occupied Staging service helps you when it comes to homes where the owners will live in the home while it is up for sale. We use your own furniture and add some in case we need to help highlight its best features of home. We also come up with a recommendation for you space room by room to …

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Real Estate Photography

There i’s no better way to capture a buyer’s attention than with the most stunning photo and video of the perfect house? People now days search for properties online before making the effort to check out a house in person, so …

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Redesign Consultation

By updating what you already have, we can make your room look fresh and modern. Our expertise in furniture and accessory placement allows us to create a totally new look, feel, and functionality in a single session.

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